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  1. Chris Halpin

Suspected Calais migrants escape lorry in Stourbridge

A video has emerged of three suspected migrants from Calais escaping from a lorry in Stourbridge in the Black Country.

The footage shows the men cutting a hole in the canvas of the vehicle before leaping out to take their first steps on British soil.

West Midlands Police say they were unaware of the incident which happened on Tuesday 250 miles from the French port.

Meanwhile a removal firm in Aldridge has described the moment they found 13 stowaways in one of their lorries. But when they reported it to the authorities - the company was fined thousands, Chris Halpin reports.



  1. National

UK ground troops 'may be needed' to fight Islamic State

Lord Richards, the former head of the armed forces, says the UK and its allies may eventually have to deploy ground troops to defeat the so-called Islamic State.

"Air power alone will not defeat Isis," he told ITV News.

Asked what whether ground troops were needed, he replied: "It could include boots on the ground."

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PM: Britain is committed to 'destroying' Islamic State

David Cameron has said the UK is committed to working with the US to "destroy" the so-called Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

The Prime Minister told NBC that he wanted the UK to take more action but that he would need to "take Parliament with him".

"Look, we know that we have to defeat Isil, we have to destroy this caliphate, whether it is in Iraq or in Syria," Mr Cameron said.

"That is a key part of defeating this terrorist scourge that we face.

"I want Britain to do more. I'll always have to take my parliament with me. We're talking and discussing at the moment, including with the opposition parties in Britain, what more we can do.

"Be in no doubt, we're committed to working with you [the US] to destroy the caliphate in both countries."

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Tunisian politicians set to pay respects to victims' families

Tunisian politicians are due to visit the UK tomorrow to pay their respects to the families of the 30 Britons killed in last month's terror attack on a beach resort in Sousse.

Thirty Britons died in the terror attack in Sousse last month Credit: .

The country's transport minister, Mahmoud Ben Romdhan, will be part of the visiting delegation.

He said: "The purpose of our stay in London is, first, to present our condolences to the families of the victims.

"Secondly, to convince the British authorities that the decision they have taken regarding Tunisia should no longer stay because it is a very painful decision for Tunisia and it is in line with the hopes of the terrorists."

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