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  1. Chris Halpin

Suspected Calais migrants escape lorry in Stourbridge

A video has emerged of three suspected migrants from Calais escaping from a lorry in Stourbridge in the Black Country.

The footage shows the men cutting a hole in the canvas of the vehicle before leaping out to take their first steps on British soil.

West Midlands Police say they were unaware of the incident which happened on Tuesday 250 miles from the French port.

Meanwhile a removal firm in Aldridge has described the moment they found 13 stowaways in one of their lorries. But when they reported it to the authorities - the company was fined thousands, Chris Halpin reports.


Muslims on extremism and military action in Syria

All this week we've been reporting on the measures being taken to tackle radicalisation. The Prime Minister said Muslim communities must not be allowed to exist in segregation if the country is to root out extremism.

Our reporter Rajiv Popat has been speaking to Muslims about multi-cultural Britain post 9/11 and 7/7.

Tonight, we hear their views on extremism, whether military action should be taken against militants in Syria and their hopes for the future.

Watch Rajiv Popat's full report here:


Muslims speak out on multiculturalism, 'Britishness' and how they are portrayed in the media

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister was in the Midlands to announce the government's plans to tackle extremism. David Cameron also criticised those who "quietly condone" the extremist ideology of the so called Islamic State.

The vast majority of Muslims have strongly condemned those who kill in the name of Islam and Rajiv Popat has been speaking to Muslims of all ages to hear their views on multiculturalism, Britishness and how they've been portrayed in the media.

Watch his full report here:

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