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Organiser of Paris vigil: attack is 'hard to understand'

The French organiser of tonight's Birmingham vigil for the victims of the Paris terror attacks has described how it's hard for him to understand the atrocity because he is away from home.

President of the University of Birmingham's Francophile society Louis Serrand spoke to ITV News Central before hundreds of people attended the vigil at the university's campus in Edgbaston this evening.

Hundreds of students attend Paris vigil in Birmingham

Hundreds of students hold vigil at Birmingham University Credit: ITV News Central

Hundreds of students have been holding a vigil at the University of Birmingham in memory of the 129 people killed in Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

One student lighting a candle at the tribute around a fountain on the University of Birmingham campus. Credit: ITV News Central

The memorial was organised by the Guild of Students and took place at Mermaid Square on the university campus in Edgbaston this evening.

There are between 100 and 150 students from France currently studying at the university.

An estimated 700 hundred students turned out at the vigil earlier this evening. Credit: ITV News Central

Jack Mably, President at the Guild of Students, said:

"It's incredibly touching to see students out here in their hundreds. Obviously it's a tragic and horrific event that's occurred this weekend and it's clear that people across the world are coming out in support of people who are injured and have fallen victim to the terror attacks."

– Jack Mably President at the Guild of Students

Paris terror attacks condemned as an attack on Islam

One man paying his respects in Nottingham during a minute's silence for the victims of the Paris terror attacks says Islam means peace and the atrocities in no way represents his faith.

He said:

"My knees are shivering and that's how offended I am by those minor, tiny, micro groups that are not equal in any percentage to the Muslim world to the Islamic world to the peaceful and in the end Islam means peace"

– Quote in Nottingham


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