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Condor Ferries 'knows it has to improve the situation'

The Condor Liberation was damaged by the collision. Photo: ITV News

The Condor Liberation is "safe", but "the company knows it has to improve" when it comes to issues that have affected the new boat, according to Guernsey's External Transport Group (ETG).

The Group, including Ministers and Deputy Ministers, met with the Executive Chairman of Condor Ferries, and senior managers.

. Credit: ITV News

The ETG says it's been in almost daily contact with the Condor Ferries team since the Condor Liberation crashed into the Quay at St Peter Port Harbour.

Deputy Kevin Stewart, ETG Chairman, says Condor shares the frustrations of the public, and that they "did not invest £50 million in a new vessel and expect, or by neglect allow, the level of problems to occur that have beset Liberation".

Deputy Stewart says he appreciates many Condor customers have concerns about the safety of the new boat to operate in the Channel. But he says the Liberation meets the industry's safety standards.

The ETG tested Condor really hard on this fundamental matter and Condor yesterday provided objective, industry standard data to provide reassurance."

– Deputy Kevin Stewart, ETG Chairman

However, the ETG does say that the Condor Liberation is continuing to have problems with timekeeping, which relate to loading and unloading issues, rather than its speed in the water.

Condor Ferries will update the ETG in two weeks time, on the progress it's making with this issue:

Delays continue to cause dissatisfaction when they occur but the company knows it has to improve the situation.

There are still clearly a number of service improvements to be made but a significant issue for the Group was receiving reassurance on vessel safety as well as hearing direct from Condor what it is doing to overcome other sources of concern that the company fully accepts need to be resolved".

– Deputy Kevin Stewart, ETG Chairman