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Future of Guernsey's secondary schools debated

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Politicians have begun debating the future of secondary schools, including the redevelopment of La Mare De Carteret High School.

The Education Department wants to spend this rebuilding La Mare secondary and primary schools.

While a recent review on the value-for-money of the project supported the redevelopment project, it warned the island has too many secondary schools and it would be better to reduce the number from four to three.

Education say they intend to review the number and size of schools after they get approval for the redevelopment project, but the Treasury could force them to decide now on how many schools Guernsey needs, before the rebuild is allowed to commence.

It could mean yet another delay for La Mare students who have long-awaited the redevelopment of their school. Two other high schools, St Sampson's High and Les Beaucamps, have already been rebuilt.

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Education say the move by the Treasury has caused uncertainty for pupils, parents and teachers.

This morning as debate got underway the Education Minister Robert Sillars warned the wrong decision could be 'catastrophic'.

But ahead of the debate the T&R Minister Gavin St Pier wrote to headteachers saying:

We believe it would be best if no decision is made on the La Mare de Carteret project until the States have had an opportunity to consider “the new structure for secondary education” (and ideally also the report on “a new structure for post-16 education” which the 2013 Education Board’s Vision had indicated would be brought to the States during 2013).

It is only then that we will be able to determine our educational estate requirements and consequently which assets are needed to be built or rebuilt."

– Gavin St Pier, T&R Minister

Another motion has been put forward by Deputy Elis Bebb, who wants an even wider review into secondary education before the La Mare rebuild goes ahead.

If he is successful, that review would include an examination of the island's selective '11+' system or a possible move to a comprehensive system as seen in much of the UK.

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