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Guernsey schools debate: what are the options?

Photo: ITV News

The future of Guernsey's schools is up for debate today.

Politicians from the Education Department and Treasury and Resources Department at odds with one another.

By the end of proceedings today, there could be a clearer indication of the direction that will be taken.

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Elis Bebb amendment - this will be voted on first. If successful, the La Mare rebuild will be put on hold until a review into a "new structure for secondary education" is carried out. Funds would be provided to maintain La Mare in the meantime.
  • Treasury and Resources amendment - if the Elis Bebb proposal fails, the Treasury and Resources Department want the States to commit to reducing the number of schools (they do not specify how many), and delay the La Mare rebuild until the Education Department has worked out which schools to close. This should be by March 2016, when, if still needed, the La Mare rebuild would go ahead.
  • Education Department amendment - if both of the above amendments fail, the Education Department's original proposals will be voted on. They would see the continuing of the La Mare rebuild, with potential for later expansion. It would also carry out a review into the number and size of schools, and would report back in March 2016.

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