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Proposals for Guernsey States reform

Guernsey Photo: ITV News

New plans to restructure the States of Guernsey have been revealed today.

They're detailed in the Billet d’État, released by the States Review Committee.

They will be debated in July, and the report says the restructuring could lead to salary savings of around one million pounds per Parliament.

Under the new proposals:

  • Departments would be replaced by committees. These would be led by a Policy and Resources Committee. The head of the committee would be referred to as either Prime Minister, Premier, or President, but would be unlikely to be called Chief Minister.
  • Six other committees would replace the current departments (meaning some current departments would be merged).
  • The heads of the committees would be Presidents, rather than Ministers.

Replacing departments with six committees would mean a reduction in the number of Deputies - from 45 to 38.

The amount they say this would save per Parliament, in salary payments.
The amount it would cost to set up.

The proposals will be debated at a Meeting of the States of Deliberation, held at the Royal Court House on Tuesday, 7 July.

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