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Watch: Sophia meets owlets at Jersey Falconry

Sophia meets Twooh. Photo: ITV News

Jersey Falconry have had a few new additions to their aviaries.

Three new barn owls have been hatched in the last 3-5 weeks, and Sophia, our weather presenter, was offered the opportunity to go and meet them.

Sophia meets one of the chicks. Credit: ITV News

Sophia found out the tiny owlets have feathers like "dandelion clocks".

They have three small pieces of meat a day, and become very sleepy after finishing their dinner.

The three siblings have different fathers and do look a little different.

Richard Hall, from Jersey Falconry, has been training and flying birds since 1980, and was on hand to show Sophia the owlets and also introduce her to one of the dads - Twooh, the resident barn owl.

Sophia and Twooh.

The Falconry is based at St John's Manor in Jersey and currently homes 27 birds, including an eagle, and falcon.

They are flown regularly except in strong winds.

As a result they may not get to fly tomorrow, as the winds are on the increase, but there is good news in that the weather is set to warm up!

Sophia meeting the residents. Credit: ITV News

Here's Sophia with a look at the baby owls, the other birds at the Falconry, and at the weather this coming week: