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Jersey finance centre: public Q&A sessions planned

The new finance centre. Photo: ITV News

Jersey's Treasury Minister is promising a series of question and answer sessions for the public and politicians over plans for the island's new finance centre.

Last week it was confirmed bank UBS had been signed up as the first tenant in the development on the Esplanade in St Helier.

A public protest is planned for this weekend, where opponents of the plan are hoping 1,000 people will turn out to form a human ring around the site.

Today, Senator Alan Maclean told the States there was "a lot of misinformation and inaccuracies" about the project which need "clarifying".

He's working with the States of Jersey Development Company, who are responsible for building the finance centre, to set up Q&A sessions to ensure people can get straight answers to their concerns.

In the debate, Senator Maclean was also asked to confirm what incentives, if any, UBS had been offered to sign up as a tenant.

He said he couldn't as that was "commercially sensitive".

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