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Largest high tide after Sunday's Super moon!


We have all been drawn to the pictures of the super moon which turned red and appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter on Sunday night as it combined with a lunar eclipse.

Two days after a full moon we experience the largest tides, and notoriously the Channel Islands are effected more when there is a strong wind.

Well today is no exception, the winds have peaked at a force 7 this morning, and as a result there have been tidal warnings for Guernsey's east coast in particular to warns islanders that the east coasts pay be affected as water is thrown over the sea walls.

What many forget is that low water is also of interest to islanders, including low water fisherman.

The tidal gauge in St Helier at Albert Pier is the source of the information that gives us the exact readings of high and low tides.

This records the actual tide as opposed to the forecast tide, which can vary.

The high tide this evening will be the largest this year, with 12.2m forecast for Jersey and 10m for Guernsey. From tomorrow they will start to drop.

Tonight, Sophia is hoping to be able to explain more about the tidal gauge in the news at 6pm, when she will also bring you for the forecast for the week ahead.

See the current forecast here.

Tidal data display for St Helier Credit: