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Jodie Botterill says she is thriving in her new role as director of the Player Development Centre for Girls


Jersey's women may have lost their game against the Navy this weekend, but that doesn't mean Women's football isn't thriving on the Island.

In fact the future of the sport is looking brighter than ever now that former Wales International Jodie Botterill has taken up the role of Director of the Girls development Centre.

Our Sports reporter Chris Cunningham went to find out why more girls than ever before are lacing up their boots:

With close to 60 girls playing for the program and demand growing all the time the success of the centre in undeniable.

A success that was supercharged after Botterill and her teamates won gold at the Island Games.

Jodie Botterill showing just how much winning gold meant to her

Botterill had a stellar career as a footballer earning her first cap for Wales in 2012 and culminating with Island Games gold.

But surprisingly she says that hanging up the boots wasn't a hard decision for her to make. She explained that there wasn't much left for her to achieve in local football after winning gold at the Island games and she's now 100% committed to making sure the next generation is just as successful:

The success of the development centre has gone hand in hand with the growing popularity of Women's football worldwide.

Popularity that came to a head during last year's Women's World Cup and England's stellar performance.

The interest surrounding the sport is having a massive impact of keeping girls in the game and raising the level of football right across the board.

"We always struggled when they got to Under 16s to then push them on to that next step.

But now we've shown them what they can achieve, the atmosphere here during the Island Games was incredible."

– Jodie Botterill, Director Player Development Centre for girls

The U-18 team will now face a tough test next week as they host Scotland School girls.

Proud to wear the Jersey Crest, Jersey's next generation learn from the best.

Meanwhile Jersey's senior Women's team are now looking for opponents to play ahead of the Muratti in May. The are coming off a 2-1 defeat to the Navy this weekend and put out an appeal on social media for clubs to get in touch.

An appeal that was picked up by star sports presenter Jacqui Oatley: