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Mauled sheep video shared as message to dog owners in Jersey

Sheep at Beauport Photo: The Reserve

A Jersey farmer has released shocking footage of a sheep, mauled in a dog attack.

Five sheep were wounded in the attack in the Beauport area yesterday.

The Reserve, has made a video showing one of the animal’s injuries, in the hope it can encourage dog owners to be more responsible and keep their dogs on a lead if needs be.

The post, which praises the work of local vets, has been shared more than a hundred times on Facebook.

States Vet, Linda Lowseck, has warned that ewes can abort easily after suffering the stress of been chased and young lambs can become separated from their mother at a critical early bonding stage.

The majority of dog owners are responsible and careful, but many dogs, even normally calm and obedient ones, will show an interest in or chase livestock.

– States Vet, Linda Lowseck

She is advising dog walkers to keep their animals on a lead around any livestock, including poultry.

A selection of the post Credit: The Reserve