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Law Officers: 'Syvret effect caused chaos in abuse prosecutions'

Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Photo: ITV

The inquiry investigating historical child abuse in Jersey has told been told how the so-called 'Syvret effect' undermined prosecutions.

Oliver Glasgow QC is today giving evidence to the inquiry, and spent some time explaining how the actions of the former Health Minister, Stuart Syvret, back in 2008 perpetuated rumours of a cover up of abuse within the establishment.

It proved regrettably easy for Mr Syvret and others to destroy, absolutely, the faith of certain witnesses and complainants in the Crown Officers and the judiciary by circulating ill-informed and unsubstantiated rumours about cover ups, which inevitably proved extremely difficult to rebut.

– Oliver Glasgow QC

He told the inquiry that nobody is entitled to attempt to "cause chaos" by acting on a belief which is not reasonable.

He concluded by saying;

There is no evidence before the panel which would entitle it to conclude that the Law Officers Department or any of the Crown Officers took anything other than a professional approach when considering the allegations that were uncovered as part of the historic abuse inquiry.

– Oliver Glasgow QC

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