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Police Lawyer to Care Inquiry: 'Let us know if you're going to criticise us

Jersey Care Inquiry Photo: ITV

The advocate, representing the States of Jersey Police, has urged the inquiry investigating historical abuse in the island to warn the force if it is to be criticised.

It is in the interest of fairness that those who are subject to criticism in the inquiry process be given notice and the opportunity to respond. We ask the panel to consider that such a process be undertaken.

– Advocate Jeremy Garrood

He concluded his summing up by explaining the police's current situation, when it comes to protecting children from abuse.

He also warned their work will need more funding from government.

There are continuing service demands on the police and further investment will be required. The sexual assault referral centre will need additional investment. The police are keen to see that that is developed. High demand families are a problem area, particularly people aged 16 to 25 who are not in education, employment or training.

– Advocate Jeremy Garrood

Advocate Garrood also warned there still needs to be improvements within Children's Services where staff may not be reporting seeming unimportant information, that could be crucial to detectives.

Information about children in care needs to be accessible to SOJP. There is a concern that Children's Services staff become allured to particular cases and lose perspective. Early intervention is key. A piece of information considered trivial by Children's Service personnel may be significant for the police.

– Advocate Jeremy Garrood

He concluded his submission with the following:

We pay tribute to the bravery of victims of abuse who continue to assist police in their investigations and to those who came forward in this inquiry.

– Advocate Jeremy Garrood

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