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Can you help Bob the diabetic cat?

Bob the cat at the GSPCA's cattery

Bob the cat arrived at Guernsey's animal shelter one year ago, as a grumpy stray.

But, it was soon discovered the source of his grumpiness was an illness.

Bob is diabetic and was soon put on a strict diet and medicine routine.

He is fed at 8:45am and 8:45pm, followed by an injection of insulin.

The GSPCA say he has improved so much his medicine has been reduced.

Now they want to find a special home for Bob, who manager, Steve Byrne, says is one of his favourite's.

He is such a stunning and friendly lad despite arriving as a sick grumpy stray over a year ago. It is great news that his insulin levels have improved and we can reduce his treatment.

We help so many sick and injured older animals each year and it would be wonderful if a special someone would come forward to offer him his forever home.

– Steve Byrne, GSPCA