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Alderney candidates face travel concerns from islanders

Candidates faced around 120 islanders

Candidates in the Alderney elections faced questioning last night, with many islanders expressing their concern over transport.

Around 120 people attended a hustings event in last night, which was islanders first chance to get to know the new candidates.

Thirteen people are standing for five seats in Alderney States, eleven of those were at the event.

Candidates were quizzed about their ideas on the proposed FAB Link, transport, transparency, repatriation of local taxes and how they would bring more money into the Island.

Although, transport seemed to be the most pressing concern for those attending.

Candidates in the election are:

  • Tony Barnes
  • Paul Clark
  • Mike Dean
  • James Dent
  • Neil Harvey
  • Tony Haywood
  • Louis Jean
  • Debbie Lewis
  • Lin Maurice
  • Christopher Rowley
  • Francis Simonet
  • Alex Snowdon
  • Simon Wild