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Push to reduce tax hike on fuel and alcohol in Jersey

Photo: Credit: Lewis Whyld PA Archive/PA Images

Motorists and drinkers in Jersey could face less drastic hikes in the cost of fuel and alcohol next year if a move to amend the budget is successful.

Deputy Labey is calling for the 2017 budget to be watered down, so increases in duty on both fuel and alcohol are linked to inflation, which is currently 1.5%.

The budget currently proposes a 4.3% increase in duty on fuel.

If successful, the amendment would leave a shortfall in the budget of more than £1.2million.

Deputy Russell Labey's proposals will be debated in the States in December.

The repeated justification for inflation-busting duty increases is that alcohol is bad for us. That argument might be valid if the rises had the desired effect. They don't. Similarly a hike in fuel might represent a quick buck to a Treasury bent on reducing a deficit, but what price to the economy?

– Deputy Russell Labey