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States Employment Board survives vote of no confidence

Jersey States Employment Board have survived a vote of no confidence.

The motion was brought by Deputy Mike Higgins, following the board's handling of the dismissal of a medical consultant.

Surgeon Amar Alwitry had been due to take up his post at Jersey General Hospital as a consultant eye surgeon in 2012 but at the last minute the offer was revoked.

Amar Alwitry says it was because he raised concerns about practises and officials did not like it.

I actually made requests around my patient safety, this actually triggered the management to circle the wagons, lie behind my back and actually fabricate things about me to make me look like a trouble-maker. They went to the SEB told them lots of falsehoods and subsequently they withdrew my job. It was devastating. It was a week before I was due to start and I haven't recovered since.

– Amar Alwitry
Amar Alwitry

An investigation by the States Complaints Board, which concluded Alwitry's treatment had been 'appallingly shabby,' prompted Deputy Higgins to bring the motion of no confidence.

The Health Minister at the time was Deputy Anne Pryke, who said that Mr Alwitry showed a lack of consideration for others and demonstrated that he was 'not a team player.'

But Mr Alwitry, who lives in Nottinghamshire, strongly disputes those claims;

The States Employment Board's view on this and their stance sends the unmistakable message to all doctors on the island that you cannot raise patient safety concerns, because if you irritate your managers they will come at you, they will dismiss you and then the States employment board will throw hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money into defending that decision.

– Amar Alwitry

Despite criticisms of the States Employment Board, the motion of no confidence was defeated. Thirteen politicians voted in favour of it, while 30 voted against it.

There were two abstentions.