Reservoirs across the islands are almost at capacity

Recent rainfall has meant the pressure is off for water companies in Jersey and Guernsey.

Both islands have confirmed their reservoirs are almost at 100% capacity after recent rainfall.

With a low pressure system sweeping across the islands on Sunday through to Monday, a further 20mm has been added to the rainfall totals in just 24 hours.

20 mm of rainfall fell in last 24 hours Credit: ITV weather graphics

Rainfall this winter in Jersey was 193mm (80 mm less than the 30 year average), making it the driest for 20 years, but in February almost 30 mm fell more than average, helping to top up the shortfall.

Guernsey this winter (the months of December to January) had a very dry period when only 175mm fell (100m less than their 30 year average fell).

But they were topped up by 15mm more than the average during February which helped! mm fell, which actually made it quite a dry month.

But the reservoirs are 96% full in Guernsey, and speaking to Jersey Water this afternoon, they tell me their reservoirs are 98% full.

Val de la Mare Reservoir, Jersey Credit: Jersey Water