Fog, flying and frustration. A look at the current weather challenges

Another period of fog has meant disruption, cancellations and knock-on delays with flying.

The fog, on this occasion, is coming in as a strip from the west and moving across the Channel, but it will pivot across the Channel Islands and therefore affect us for a bit longer than we would like, before moving towards the UK.

Current indications are that this afternoon we may see a little thinning in the fog to allow a flight or two in, but to be honest, I would anticipate that not to be the case (and then you can be happily surprised if it does happen!)

Daffs in fog! Credit: Simon Green

Tomorrow is looking promising, but not until the second half of the day. As the fog "pivots" it will move west wards and slowly break up. This is because the winds turn southerly, and although still very light, it should draw in drier continental air. Currently, the models are suggesting that as we go into the afternoon, we should see it clear completely and we may have some sunny periods in the islands. The fog moves on towards the UK, and although currently Southampton airport appears to be flyable - it might be worth keeping an eye on arrivals and departures, if you need to, incase the fog becomes an issue up there.

Fog in Guernsey Credit: Tony Rive

But we are not out of the woods just yet. This weekend there is likely to be some fog develop over France, and with the southerly wind, there is a risk of fog pushing up over the islands again. It will be patchier, and may not affect flying, but it is something we should be aware of.

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