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Guernsey minimum wage 'isn't enough'

Photo: GAETAN BALLY/Keystone Switzerland/Press Association Images

Guernsey needs to increase its minimum wage to prevent people from living in relative poverty, according to a local charity.

The head of the Guernsey Community Foundation, which promotes philanthropy, says the island's lowest pay "isn't enough".

It comes as the scrutiny committee has begun a review into the impact and extent of poverty in the island.

Dave Chilton says if two parents are earning the minimum wage, they would still be living in relative poverty.

If you put children into that equation, then that makes it even worse.

Add in a disability or something of that nature, then that really exacerbates the situation.

– Dave Chilton, CEO, Guernsey Community Foundation

The minimum wage in Guernsey is the same as the UK's and higher than Jersey's, at £7.20.

However, Dave Chilton says there are still people in employment who are having to claim benefits or work two jobs to get by.

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