Blog: Channel Islands coin hunt

Gary Burgess tracking down the new £1 coin Photo: ITV News

As assignments go, this one's a breeze. The new £1 coin goes into circulation from today. A rather lovely silver and gold colour coin, 12-sided, with a special hologram and a secret 'hidden' security measure - all designed to make it less likely to be forged.

It's estimated one in 30 of the old pound coins is a fake.

So, off I went this morning to get my hands on one of the new coins, with a view to filming a report for the ITV Channel TV 6pm programme. What did people think of them? Are vending machines and parking machines converted and ready for their use?

I popped into my bank in St Helier first to withdraw a tenner's worth from my account. I got a blank look. "Oh no, we don't have any of those here", I was told. At first I thought the cashier was joking. Apparently not.

I then popped into the pound shop next door. Surely, with all those pounds flowing through the tills there'd be an abundance of these twin-metal beauties. Erm, no.

To two more banks, a coffee shop, a juice bar, and to a row of taxi drivers parked up awaiting their next fare. All drawing a blank.

Into the car, off to the airport, of course arriving passengers from the UK would have them. Nope. The hire car counters. No. The lovely coffee shop lady. Sorry.

I failed miserably.

The nearest I got was a photograph of what the coins look like, which a friendly manager at the airport printed out for me.

He also explained their parking machines will be replaced this summer, and the new ones will accept the new coins.

I was ready to counter that that would be quite an inconvenience... but given my efforts resulted in not a soul having clapped eyes on one of these elusive coins, I suspect we'll all be just fine.

When you do get one, let me know! In the meantime, you have until 15 October to use or bank the old ones. As for me? I've just been to buy my lunch. I paid with my debit card.