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Assistant Chief Minister calls for lifeboat crew to return

Crew members have taken action after the sacking of the local coxswain, Andy Hibbs Credit: RNLI Jersey

Jersey's Assistant Chief Minister says he wants "local" lifeboat volunteers who "know Jersey's waters", after the entire RNLI St Helier crew resigned.

It follows the dismissal of Coxswain, Andy Hibbs, due to breaches of the Code of Conduct.

Senator Paul Routier has now asked for all 25 members of the crew to return, "while the dispute is resolved".

He added that he is "reassured" by a UK relief crew being sent to cover the island, while disciplinary proceedings against Andy Hibbs take place.

The Senator has also spoken to the RNLI's Director of Community Lifesaving and Fundraising, urging them to work with crew to get them back to their roles.

He was assured "every effort is being made to repair relationships with the crew and the wider community".

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