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Guernsey Post announce price increases

Guernsey post has announced higher costs that will come into force next month.

The price of a local letter is going up 1p, to 44p and sending a letter to the UK will cost 2p more, at 59p.

But, the cost of sending a letter to Europe will cost an extra 9p at 73p and sending a letter to the rest of the world will cost 90p, an increase of 22p.

The company say they are suffering higher costs, including an increase in the price of delivering international mail.

It's now being passed onto customers, but they are highlighting that the new prices will generate less than 1% more revenue.

Guernsey Post Chief Executive, Boley Smillie, said: "We will continue to work hard to retain the most competitive rates possible whilst ensuring the business remains sustainable and adapts to changes in mail volumes."