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Plans to boost Guernsey's digital economy

Credit: Dominic Lipinski PA Wire/PA Images

The States of Guernsey have released a long term strategy to boost the islands digital economy.

It's part of a ten year plan that hopes to improve infrastructure and regulation in the island.

It is called 'The Digital Sector Strategic Framework' and sets out ten strategic actions for the States of Guernsey, which include:

  • targeting high-value, low footprint, digital industries
  • direct government support to stimulate the digital economy
  • establishing a flexible and world class digital infrastructure
  • delivering responsive legislation and regulation
  • creating a robust and successful data protection framework

It is expected that actions from the framework will be debated in June.

It's hoped it will help generate increased economic revenue in terms of tax take from sector growth and new job creation.

Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen, the Committee for Economic Development member who leads on digital, said Guernsey was well-placed to seize opportunities that the growing digital sector offers.

The information services sector was Guernsey’s third largest in terms of employment in 2015, with more than 1,000 people working in it. We hope this figure will grow within the next decade. The upskilling of our current workforce and students is I believe essential to support this growth. If this can be achieved, the increase in value to the economy and government revenues would be significant. As such this framework, and the action plans that will be generated as a result of it, is a critical priority for the Committee for Economic Development.’

– Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen, the Committee for Economic Development

Colin Vaudin, States of Guernsey Chief Information Officer, said the aim is to develop Guernsey into a location of choice for high-value, low impact, digital businesses.

‘The recently-announced first commercial deployment of blockchain technology is proof that Guernsey has the necessary regulatory framework and infrastructure for innovation today. This framework will support government and business as they look to capitalise on the significant opportunities that exist in this fast-growing sector in the years to come. For technology firms Guernsey is a great place to do business today, this framework aims to help the island become a global leader in the future.

– Colin Vaudin, States of Guernsey Chief Information Officer