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Guernsey could legalise cannabis-based medicinal products

Medical marijuana being cut up to be used in a medical marijuana joint Photo: PA images

Cannabis based products could soon be prescribed by medical professionals in Guernsey.

The island's Health Committee are meeting later to discuss changing current legislation.

It comes after Jersey announced plans to do the same in yesterday's States sitting.

President of the Committee for Health & Social Care, Deputy Heidi Soulsby, said she has been working with Senator Andrew Green, Jersey's Health Minister, to investigate ways in which certain cannabis-based products could used to help treat conditions where there are clinically proven benefits.

However, Deputy Soulsby, has stressed that the moves would not legalise cannabis.

What we are investigating would require a change to legislation but will not legalise cannabis or any of its derivatives which will remain controlled drugs. It is important to make clear that it will still be illegal to use, grow, supply or import cannabis or any derived product thereof for recreational or self-medication purposes.

– Deputy Heidi Souslby

The medical benefits are said to have been identified in 'The Barnes Report – Cannabis: the Evidence for Medical Use,' which was considered by the all-party parliamentary group on drug reform in September last year.