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Guernsey sees increase in sea passengers

One politician says numbers are still down compared to before the Condor Liberation being introduced

Sea passengers visiting Guernsey increased by 42% in the first quarter of this year compared to this time last year, new figures show.

But, Deputy Jennifer Merrett says comparing figures to 2015, when the Condor Liberation was introduced, actually shows sea passengers are down 22%.

There is still some way to go towards returning to pre-Liberation figures. It is good to see some confidence returning but it is imperative that we have resilient sea provisions.

– Deputy Jennifer Merrett, Economic Development Committee

Despite this, overall visitor numbers are up 7% compared to this time last year.

People staying in the island rose by 3.3%, partly due to a rise in the number of those staying for businesses going up 35%.

Visit Guernsey, who promote tourism, say they have been "working hard" to promote the adverts, with a new TV campaign and adverts in the national press, online and in cinemas.

They also say special events have been planned for 2017, like the Channel Islands’ Heritage festival, will help generate more visitors.