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Guernsey emergency services centre overspend by £159,000

The Joint Emergency Services Control Centre is the central control for all four emergency services

Guernsey's emergency services control centre overspent by £159,000 last year, and is expected to do the same this year.

They say it is because of staff costs which are higher than budgeted, after recruiting trouble and staff having to work overtime.

The Joint Emergency Services Control Centre was created in March 2015 and is the central control for all four emergency services.

JESCC's budget for 2016 was £951,000, but they ended up spending £1.1m.

Home Affairs has promised a plan has been put in place to "stabilise costs" and create a "robust operating model".

The centre is thought to be the first of its kind in the world, something the top civil servant for Home Affairs says means there was no model to learn from.

What we have learned over the last two years is that the terms and conditions of the valuable staff working in the centre were not as good as they could have been in order for the model to be as robust as possible.

This has led to staff routinely having to work overtime, which not only increased costs, but also put a strain on their work/life balance.

– Mark Lempriere, Chief Secretary to the Committee for Home Affairs

Staff contracts have been changed, with wage increases but the 37.5 hour working week is being replaced by 42 hours.

The government's Internal Audit department will now review the new plan.