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Reform Jersey promise lower tax to fund higher education

Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire/PA Images

Reform Jersey has announced plans to provide funds for all students wanting to go to university in the UK.

It's part of their manifesto for the 2018 General Election, which is exactly one year away.

Currently, there is no system to offer loans to students going on to study on the mainland.

The political party wants to pay for tuition fees and also lend money for living expenses.

The cost of covering university fees this year would have be £4.3m, which Reform Jersey say would be covered in the future by increasing tax for the highest earners.

Deputy Sam Mezec, of the party, said: "By raising the top rate of tax for the highest earners, we raise the money we need to address the crisis in higher education funding and let every young person with talent and aspiration attend university, irrespective of their family income."

Deputy Sam Mezec says 90% of earners will get a tax cut or freeze under their proposals Credit: Mike Egerton/PA Archive/PA Images

The party is committing to reducing income tax for "the majority" of taxpayers, and increasing tax for the highest earners, which will generate £6m a year.

Proposals include:

  • Reducing the marginal tax rate from 26% to 25%
  • Allowing all taxpayers to claim tax allowances
  • Applying the marginal rate to all taxpayers, scrapping the 20 means 20 system