Half of Deputies support Yes/No referendum on island wide voting

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Half of Guernsey’s politicians would like to see a yes or no question for the island’s referendum on island wide voting.

The States Assembly and Constitution Committee, which is set to bring a policy letter on an island wide voting referendum in the next few weeks, is set to give voters a choice of five options.

ITV News contacted all of Guernsey’s 38 deputies to ask whether they supported the idea of a referendum, whether they would like to see a yes or no question and whether the referendum’s result should be binding.

Deputies agreed with the idea of holding a referendum
Politicians believed it should be a binary Yes/No question
Deputies say the referendum should be binding

But, there is a mixed view on whether a turnout threshold is needed, with some politicians believing there shouldn't be one, and others liking the idea of a turnout threshold of 33%.

Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher is a long-time supporter of islandwide voting and believes the question should be binary.

Well isn’t that what we’ve always wanted? The idea of island wide voting has been kicked around since I’ve been in the States. We’ve had consultations which show an overall majority for it. I just want a yes or no.

– Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher