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Equality charity launch workplace diversity scheme

Photo: ens Kalaene/DPA/PA Images

A local equality charity are launching a new diversity in the workplace scheme in Jersey.

The scheme called DIFERA (diversity, inclusion, fairness, equality, respect and acceptance) is the first of its kind to be launched in the Channel Islands.

The equality and diversity charity, Liberate, hope it can help island employers make minority groups feel welcome in the office.

The arguments for employers embracing diversity and inclusion are well-rehearsed: diverse organisations are better able to serve a diverse clientele; a diverse workforce is more likely to produce a wider range of solutions to business problems and be more creative; and, an organisation that acknowledges its employees as individuals and works to include them will get a reputation as a good organisation to work for, will be able to choose from a wider talent pool when recruiting and be more likely to retain staff who feel their individual needs are met.

– Vic Tanner Davy, CEO of Liberate

The DIFERA scheme aims to assist organisations with implementing or improving their diversity and inclusion programs.

It's set to be rolled out in Guernsey later in the year.