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Scrutiny panel hears new business waste charges are being 'rushed through'

Currently there is no charge for disposing of commercial waste Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Archive/PA Images

A Jersey Scrutiny Panel has heard claims that new waste charges for businesses are being rushed through without proper consultation.

The panel was told bills of several thousand pounds a year could hit hospitality hard.

It was conceded a delay is possible if politicians and islanders are happy to continue with the status quo.

David Johnson, the Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel Chairman, says that some people on the panel think that commercial waste disposal is "subsidised" by taxpayers.

Currently there is no charge for disposing of commercial waste in the island.

But Jersey's Department for Infrastructure have proposed new waste charges for island businesses.

The plans would see businesses charged £150 per tonne for solid material and £2.27 per cm for liquid waste, if approved by the States.

Last September the States agreed in principle to the introduction of solid and liquid waste charges for non-householders.

The Department says the charges they have proposed are based on the user paying for what they generate, which would act as an incentive to minimise their waste.

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