Island Games are on the horizon - what's the weather like in Gotland?

What is the weather like on the Swedish island of Gotland? Credit: Jeppe Gustafsson/TT/TT News Agency/Press Association Images

With hundreds of Islanders travelling to Gotland tomorrow for the Island Games, many not going have asked me where Gotland is, and what the weather is like there!

Well here is a forecast, and for those of you wanting a bit more detail, I have some further information below the video itself!

The island of Gotland typically has mild winters and cool summers. It tends to be milder than mainland Sweden, but windier as it's a little more exposed.

In June, the average maximum is around 18 Celsius with overnight lows of 10 Celsius, and infact that looks pretty much what they will be experiencing over the next few days!

The Channel Islands has seen temperatures climb to 32 degrees this June already, recorded in Jersey this week.

But, record highs for Gotland are a little lower, and seem to be around the 26 Celsius mark for June.

As for any islanders taking part in the triathlon, the sea temperature is a bit lower than the Channel Islands (where it is 16 degrees currently). It is around 12 degrees in June.

On the plus side, June in Gotland is one of the drier months with an average of 30mm rain, and some showery activity is forecasted over the next five days.