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Former Assistant Chief Minister spends £11,000 on States credit card

Senator Philip Ozouf Photo: ITV Channel Television

Jersey's former Assistant Chief Minister spent £11,000 on personal expenses using his States credit card, it has been revealed today.

A Freedom of Information request shows Senator Philip Ozouf used the card to pay for things like flights, uber taxis and clothing, racking up a the bill over three years.

He did pay the money back - but questions are now being raised about the need to develop a ministerial code on expenses.

States regulations prohibit officers from putting personal expenses on their work credit card.

However, the strict regulations do not extend to ministers, or their spending.

The Chief Minister has pledged to address this loophole.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the States said they "need to develop a ministerial code on travel and expenses".

Now that these figures from the past three years have been officially reconciled and published, the Chief Minister will be in a position to formally discuss the matter with the Council of Ministers. What this shows is that we need to develop a ministerial code on travel and expenses, and the Chief Minister has requested that this be drawn up and considered by Council of Ministers in early course.

– States Spokesperson