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Andrew Lewis denies claims he lied


Deputy Andrew Lewis has denied claims in the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry report that he lied to the States.

In the report's summary, the panel says: "We find that Andrew Lewis lied to the States Assembly about the Metropolitan Police Service report, stating that he had had sight of it when he had not."

Deputy Lewis, who is a former Home Affairs Minister, responded to the report, saying although he "welcomes" it, he did not agree with the finding that he lied.

The inquiry refers to an answer that I gave to the assembly when being questioned at length, during which I unintentionally described a communication from the Deputy Police Chief as a report.

This error I have endeavoured to correct on many occasions, including at the inquiry itself.

I am therefore concerned that the inquiry team have failed to acknowledge this.

I am disappointed that this has been characterised as a lie rather than the honest mistake that it was.

[...] I look forward to reading the report in more detail I would hope that attention is placed on the very important issues of abuse in our care system rather than an attempt to discredit the government and officers of the day.

– Deputy Andrew Lewis

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