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Asian hornet identified in Sark

Photo: Barry Wells

A sighting of an Asian Hornet has been confirmed in Sark.

The insects have now been spotted in Alderney, Jersey and Sark.

The latest sighting was reported by a resident earlier this week and has since been confirmed by experts.

Although not directly harmful to humans, the hornets pose a significant threat to honey bees.

The hornets do, however, have a painful sting so people are urged to avoid contact with them.

Anyone spotting what they believe to be Asian Hornet is recommended to photograph it if possible and watch it long enough to determine the direction of travel as this may be helpful in finding a nest site.

Asian Hornets frequently nest high in trees and if any suspect hornet nest is found the States of Guernsey will arrange for inspection and any necessary eradication.

– States of Guernsey