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Weather doesn't put a dampener on sheep racing

Several races take place over the weekend Photo:

Islanders and visitors enjoyed two days of traditional sheep racing in Sark over the weekend.

The annual event, now in its 21st year, sees hundreds of people flock to the island to watch the woolly racers.

Organisers say numbers were down this year due to the bad weather but by Saturday afternoon the skies had cleared and the event was nonetheless a success.

Teddy bear "jockeys" are tied to the sheep's backs for the races

[There's] not as many people on the field as there were last year but we're still hoping to make lots of money for charity.

– Pauline Malinson, organiser

The sheep racing weekend is one of the most important events in Sark's calendar, as it contributes to the island's economy, as well as raising money for the Professor Saint Fund, which subsidises the cost of prescriptions for residents.