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Three Asian hornets have been spotted in Guernsey

An Asian Hornet Credit: National Bee Unit

Three Asian hornets have been spotted in Guernsey, according to the Guernsey Beekeepers Association.

Chris Tomlins, President of the Association, says they are believed to be female workers and were caught in a property near the Torteval Church.

An abandoned embryo nest was also removed from a Wendy House in a nearby property.

Mr Tomlins said their "foraging patterns" could mean they were looking for food for younger hornets.

The discovery follows similar sightings of Asian Hornets in Jersey, Alderney, and Sark in recent months.

Islanders are being urged to keep watch for any sightings in the area.

The app, Asian Hornet Watch, can help to identify the hornet from similar looking insects.