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Jersey Deputy accused of lying faces probe over conduct

Deputy Andrew Lewis has denied claims he lied. Credit: ITV Channel Television

A Jersey Deputy will face questions from fellow politicians today for allegedly breaching their Code of Conduct.

The Independent Care Inquiry report found that Deputy Andrew Lewis had lied to both the States Assembly and to the Inquiry panel.

He will face an investigation by the Privileges and Procedures Committee today, in a public meeting.

During the meeting, the Committee will hear from Deputy Lewis in order to determine whether he breached the Code.

He has previously denied the allegations.

What matters to the Committee is whether, during the course of his time as a States Member, throughout his dealings with the IJCI and his responses to the Assembly, Deputy Lewis' actions complied with the Code. In other words, we will be determining whether his actions maintained and strengthened the public's trust and confidence in the integrity of the States and its members.

РChairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee, Connétable Len Norman

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