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Application to demolish Fort Regent swimming pool

Derelict swimming pool building at Fort Regent. Photo: ITV Channel TV

The swimming pool at Fort Regent could finally be demolished, along with the aerial walkway and the cable car station.

A planning application is due to be submitted, asking for permission to take the redundant buildings down.

The States say they pose a 'significant risk' to health and safety.

The application is being put in by the Department for Infrastructure, on behalf of the Department for Economic Development, which is responsible for managing the site.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

It is essential that this work is carried out as these structures are no longer safe and suffer from repeat episodes of trespassing. In the case of the cable car station and the aerial walkway we would expect this work to be completed relatively quickly and with minimum disruption. The pool complex is more complicated because of asbestos in the building, which will need to be removed and disposed of by specialist contractors, prior to the building's eventual demolition. We anticipate that this project will take place in phases over a much longer period.

РThe Assistant Minister for EDTSC, Connétable Steve Pallett

The costs of maintaining and securing redundant structures such as the former swimming pool are significant and their timely removal will be in the best interests of the island.

– The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Eddie Noel

Members of the States are being invited to a presentation about the project next month along with islanders and businesses based near the site.

The States say it will act as an opportunity to hear more about the plans, and to ask any questions they may have.

Credit: ITV Channel TV