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Moves to make scrutiny panels more independent in Jersey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

There are moves to make scrutiny panels in Jersey more independent.

The new plans would mean the Council of Ministers will not have a say in who gets elected to head each committee.

Deputy Sam Mezec, who has lodged the amendment, says denying Ministers a vote would create more accountability, as Ministers "have an intrinsic political interest in seeing a weak Scrutiny Chair".

The Council of Ministers works together as a team and shares in their successes and failures together. A blunder from one Minister inevitably reflects badly on the whole Council and, from time to time, it may be necessary for Scrutiny to highlight a blunder in a way which would cause embarrassment to the entire government.

It is vital that Scrutiny is independent and able to act without fear or favour to objectively scrutinise Ministers' policies and outcome.

– Deputy Sam Mezec

The move is an amendment to a proposition lodged by Deputy Russell Labey, calling for Ministers to be excluded from voting for their corresponding scrutiny panel chair.