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Outdoor workers risk skin cancer say health bosses

Workers will be offered sun cream by nurses who travel around the island. Photo: PA Images

Islanders who work outdoors are not doing enough to protect their skin from the sun, according to health officials in Guernsey.

In response, community nurses are to start offering advice and sun cream to workers as they travel between patients' homes.

Guernsey has very high rates of skin cancer and outdoor workers are particularly at risk of non-melanoma skin cancers. The community nursing team drive to meet patients and they noticed the number of people, men in particular, working outside in the sun. Prevention is better than cure and we realised we could provide them with some sun-safe advice and sun cream while doing our rounds.

– Heather Kennedy, Community Nurse

This is an excellent community response to a health problem. The nurses are precisely the right people to be giving advice, perhaps a leaflet and some sun cream to outdoor workers while they make their way around the island on their normal rounds. This is a really good example of using time efficiently and hopefully preventing some future skin cancers.

– Di Mathews, Health Promotion Officer for Cancer Prevention