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Education Department defends changes to college subsidies

Credit: PA Images

Guernsey's Education Committee has defended its decision to cut funding for certain pupils to attend fee-paying colleges, after its plans were criticised by Policy and Resources.

Under the proposals, there will be no funding for students to get free access to Elizabeth College, Ladies College or Blanchelande from 2025.

It will, however, continue to contribute a sum to subsidise the education of fee-paying students, amounting to £816 per pupil.

Last month, Gavin St Pier, president of Policy and Resources, said there is an 'inherent risk' to the financial viability of the three colleges if they fail to replace the special place holders with fee-paying students.

He also said the figure of £816 per pupil has been arrived at as "a mathematical computation" and "any supporting rationale" was "absent".

But today, the Education Department dismissed such criticism, stating they have not been given any evidence to suggest the colleges "are suffering any financial difficulty with their current income levels".

The department adds there are already mechanisms in place for Colleges to report any financial issues to Policy and Resources.