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'I wanted to miscarry' - one Guernsey mother opens up about her struggle with prenatal depression


'I wanted to miscarry' - the heartbreaking words of one Guernsey mum describing her experience with severe prenatal depression.

Sue Le Page battled with the condition during her second pregnancy with her son Harry.

He's now 9 months old and he and Sue have a really strong bond - but she isn't alone in her experience.

For somebody who didn't have the friends, family and support network that I have, I don't know really how they would cope or where they would go or what they would do to be honest, and that is very worrying.

I think the one thing about depression, post natal depression, you do become very selfish.

My world for quite some time revolved around how I was feeling.

– Sue Le Page, mother

New stats show 1 in 15 women will deal with prenatal depression, yet Sue believes there isn't enough support in the Channel Islands.

It comes as the charity PANDASruns a nationwide campaign to raise the profile of mental illness during pregnancy.

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