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Third Asian hornets' nest to be destroyed

A third Asian Hornets' nest has been found in St Saviour in Jersey Credit: ITV Channel TV

A third Asian hornets' nest is being destroyed by Jersey's Environment Department this afternoon.

It was found in a garden in St Saviour near Wellington Road on Friday.

Windy weather conditions meant the Environment Department couldn't remove it sooner.

They've been trying to stop the species - known to kill and feed off the honey bee - from spreading and are continuing to ask islanders to report any sightings.

Meanwhile in Guernsey another Asian hornet nest was spotted in Torteval.

It was found by a local bee keeper and removed.

Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management experts in Guernsey told ITV News that at this the time of year it is vital nests are found as soon as possible.

They say Queen hornets will soon be leaving any remaining nests to find somewhere to hibernate and any queens which survive the winter will go on to build new nests next year.

Another Asian hornet nest is removed in Guernsey Credit: States of Guernsey: Agriculture, Countryside & Land Management