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Russian Embassy voices concerns over Alderney FAB link

The proposed route of the controversial cable project. Credit: ITV Channel Television

The Russian Embassy has raised concerns over the potential damage to burial sites of former Nazi concentration camps in Alderney should the controversial FAB link between the UK and France go ahead.

The Embassy has made a formal request to the UK Foreign Office asking that any remains found during construction works be treated with respect.

It follows a report on the FAB link in the Sunday Times.

They say hundreds if not thousands of Soviet prisoners of war and forced labourers perished in the Nazi camps in Alderney, and not all were buried in marked graves.

The memory of those who died in WW2, including of course the inmates of the Nazi camps in Alderney, is very important to us and we highly appreciate that the States of Guernsey share this attitude.

– Russian Embassy in London

The Russian Embassy say the States of Guernsey have informed them that excavation of the cable trench would be done under archaeological supervision and that should ensure proper treatment of any human remains that are uncovered.

The group behind the FAB project insist that no remains have been disturbed and the underground cables wouldn't impact on known burial sites.

The proposed route of the underground cables across the island has been carefully selected in close liaison with the States of Alderney, the Alderney Society, the States of Guernsey Culture and Heritage Department, the Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe and JTrails who have provided invaluable expert advice to ensure there will be no impact to areas of known archaeological interest, including the readily identifiable areas marking the site of the WWII cemeteries on Longis Common which were exhumed in the 1960s and the victims buried in France.

– The FAB Project