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Jersey Police respond to questions on Ana Rebelo murder

Ana Maria Rebelo was 51 when she died. Credit: ITV News

Ana Maria Rebelo was found dead in her home in St Helier six months ago today.

A 58 year old man remains on police bail over her death but still no one has been charged.

ITV Channel TV have therefore put forward a number of questions to the States of Jersey Police in an attempt to find out more details on the on-going murder investigation of Ana Maria Rebelo.

Here is their response:

  • Question: What can you tell us about where you are in the investigation into Ana Maria Rebelo's death?

Answer: The investigation remains ongoing however major lines of enquiry are now concluded and the file has been submitted to the Law Officers Department.

  • Question: Is the investigation currently being worked on?

Answer: Yes the investigation remains ongoing.

  • Question: Why have there been no charges brought yet?

Answer: The evidence is currently under consideration by the Law Officers Department.

  • Question: What investigations have taken place in the last six months (how many witnesses have you spoken to etc) and how many officers have been working on the case?

Answer: There are currently five officers working on the investigation and we’ve spoken to 137 witnesses who have provided 225 witness statements, 214 actions/enquiries have been created and we’ve dealt with 335 exhibits.

  • Question: People in the community are concerned there is a killer walking free, what do you say to them?

Answer: As we have said in the past, there is no suggestion that the public are at any risk.

  • Question: Are you confident that the public will see justice be done and someone will be charged with killing Mrs Rebelo?

Answer: We’re confident that a thorough and professional police investigation has taken place and that all available evidence has been presented to the Law Officers Department for consideration.

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