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Ambulance call-outs on the rise in Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's ambulance service says they have continued to see increased demand over this past year.

In January, St John Ambulance highlighted a rise in calls for emergency responses and figures up to now show that trend continuing.

Over the last two years, the number of calls they have responded to has increased by 10% - with the service saying the beginning of August this year was their busiest period yet, with an average of 18 calls a day.

The service says that trend is likely to continue which is largely down to the island's ageing population.

In many cases the calls are to elderly people who have fallen and injured themselves.

The number of calls for people who had fallen in 2016 - the average age of those patients was 79.

ITV News spent a day on shift with one of the St John crew and saw two cases of elderly people injuring themselves in falls.

One of the responders our cameras followed was Medical Technician Stuart Malley...

We do see a lot of falls, normally due to trips and slips, or people with reduced mobility who will stumble and fall, or even just fall out of bed. So we do deal with a lot of these calls, they are as important as any other emergency.

– Medical Technician, Stuart Malley

The service also says it wants to work with the States' Health & Social Care committee as they look at delivering healthcare to an ageing population.