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Sark plans to generate solar energy

Credit: Sark

Politicians in Sark have ambitious plans to generate solar energy on the island.

At the moment the cost of electricity in Sark is the highest in the western world.

The hope is that solar farms on the island could go some way to reducing the price of electricity. Sark Electricity, a private company, charge 64p per unit.

We are a clean island, a dark skies island and beautiful island. I find it ridiculous as a private individual that we burn oil to generate electricity when we pay so much. It’s time we look at alternative solutions.

– Sebastien Moerman, Chairman of Finance & Resources

But Sark Electricity say introducing solar energy could end in higher prices for those who can least afford it.

The difference has to be made up by increasing the price of electricity, which means the poor people who can’t afford solar panels end up subsidising the rich people who can.

– David Gordon-Brown, Sark Electricity