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Plans for affordable homes 'won't help most in need' says Jersey politician

Credit: Andium Homes

Plans to build 65 new affordable homes won't help those most in need, according to a Jersey politician.

Social housing provider Andium Homes has applied for a new development in St Peter, something they hope will offer a solution to those struggling to afford rent but there are 240 applicants already.

It appears that we no longer have any social housing, we have so-called affordable housing which actually isn't affordable.

If you compare with average earnings or minimum wage people are in rental stress, housing stress.

– Deputy Geoff Southern, St Helier No. 2
Average cost of a privately rented three bedroom house a week.
Average cost of a privately rented one bedroom flat a week.

Jersey's Housing Minister says building more homes is the answer.

To help the situation we need to build more and we need to continue building for the future. Before everything was built in three or four years and nothing for another six years or so, well that's not right. We need to continue having that feed of new homes to be built in Jersey.

– Deputy Anne Pryke